Bunny Shooter

Bunny Shooter Free Game 1.4.4

Shoot rabbits with an arrow in this Angry Birds-style game


  • Fun to play
  • Simple controls
  • Good graphics and sound effects
  • Lots of challenging levels


  • Some minor bugs


Bunny Shooter is an addictive casual game in which you must spear the pesky carrot-stealing rabbits with your bow and arrow.

The gameplay and the overall look of Bunny Shooter have more than a hint of Angry Birds about them. But this is no bad thing, and playing Bunny Shooter proves to be highly addictive.

The controls in Bunny Shooter are very simple. Aim the bow at your target then pull back and release the arrow. Your targets are a bunch of bunnies scattered in front of you, with obstacles blocking the way through to them. You'll have to do a lot of thinking in many of the levels to figure out how to use the objects, bombs, missiles, ramps, etc. to your advantage.

There are enough levels within this free version of Bunny Shooter to keep you entertained for a long time, and the promise of new worlds being added soon turn Bunny Shooter into a saga to rival Angry Birds.

There's little to fault with Bunny Shooter, although it would've been nice to have seen bonuses awarded for special achievements (e.g. if you hit all rabbits with one arrow).

If you're a fan of Angry Birds, then Bunny Shooter could soon become your new obsession!

Fixed level lock bug and added a special treat for you!


  • Fixed level lock bug and added a special treat for you!
Bunny Shooter


Bunny Shooter Free Game 1.4.4

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